One Simple Plan.

Our pricing model was designed to be easy for you to get started. We only make money if you do. 

Membership is $99 / m

- Access to the app platform (iOS & Android)

- Free first program design with a designer

- Online store with payment capture

- Access to Obii's network of service partners

+ 25% of program sales*

* Minimum of $2/user/month. Prices are in US Dollars.

Membership includes:

+ Add a booster

Marketing Booster (200$)

Basic kit including visual assets that you need to run a social or email campaign.

Strategy Booster (300$)

A Social Coaching Strategy Expert takes you through a 5 step process designed to help you figure out your business strategy.

Additional Program Design (1000$ per program)

The first program is on us. After that we charge a single fee per additional program.

Members only*

* You can discuss your needs with the team once you subscribed.

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