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Obii is for coaches, leaders, and mentors that want to increase their impact on the world.

We onboard coaches who strongly crave to make people feel like valued members of a winning team on an important mission.

We teamed up with coaches from different disciplines and created a unique app platform that allows coaches to increase their reach and impact.

Already convinced? Woah, amazing!

A Gamified App Platform

We come from another planet: on earth you couldn't afford to have your own app.

Your Own Online Store

You will be connected to a store page specially set up for you.

Some Marketing to Help You Sell

We want to help you with some special assets for your social marketing.

Guided Program Design With a Real Human

Michael is our fav human. He's the Program Whisperer; you'll never feel deserted.

Why you will choose Obii

Yes, this is us!

In case you were wondering if we were coming out of the Matrix, this is us. We are a team of fabulously passionate individuals committed to our coaches' success.

... what? who's Michael?

 yes, he's the one with the superb moustache!

"Best decision I have made for my business!"

Kim Vopni

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