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Forget e-learningObii is e-doing

Obii Challenges are super effective because they're based in two things: action & community. We believe that new skills and good habits stick better when we can lean on each other for support and accountability.

Kim Vopni

The Vagina Coach


What's a Challenge

Obii's Challenges are actionable and interactive modules that makes the knowledge stick. But more than that, Challenges are a social experience. When you launch a Challenge, you ignite a community. When participants are held accountable,  habits change. Period.

Product Designers

HalfSerious Onboarding

The Coach Portal

Intuitive & hassle-free setup

Design your Challenge on a personal computer. Upload your own photos, videos, PDFs, and more. Your content is automatically compressed for optimal streaming, then securely stored in our cloud. No code required.

Your Store

Challenges are lucrative

When our Coaches design, package, and market their Challenges well, the sky is the limit. Our built-in tools allow you to handle payments right from the Obii Store. Plus, everything is set up if you want to offer promotions or coupons to entice participants. Connect your business' Stripe account to receive direct payments. Then, watch your numbers go up.

Sara & Erin

Positive Leadership Educators

Anthony Caputo

Actor & Founder of IAMHEAR

Grow your business

Create once, then launch again and again, and again

Maybe your books are full, but you'd still like to open the door to new business. Or you're looking to offer your expertise at a lower price tag than traditional 1-on-1 coaching. Whatever the reason, create reoccurring income for you and your business in a few keystrokes and even fewer clicks. 

Gelsey & Michael

Your Obii's dedicated Knights

Obii's Team

Unmatched support from the tech nerds

At Obii, it's important to us that people come first, and technology comes second. At every step of our process, our team leads with empathy to ensure that we have the best interest of our users. Plus, we're a hoot! Tech concerns are processed by FreshDesk.

Ready to do this thing?
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Kevin Tigueron

Dance Teacher & Undergraduate Student in Physical Education 

Growth for you and your participants

Our Obii team has collaborated with coaches, educators, and creators from all kinds of domains and areas of expertise. 

Here are just a few examples of Challenges coaches have launched on Obii:

- Coping with anxiety

- Specialized fitness (ex. fitness for pregnant women)

- Leadership 

- Igniting your dreams

- Losing weight

- Dance Challenge

But mostly we have helped our coaches build better businesses.

Coaches are saying

Kim Vopni

Vagina Coach - The Kegel Maven

“ Best decision I have made for my business.”

Lindsay Gee

21 & Done

“ I was super freaked out by the amount of work creating a challenge but Obii made it ridiculously simple by providing the guidance, platform, payment, etc.”

David Arsenault

Champion for Life

“ SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! #gamechanger #canyoutelli'mexcited!

We will deliver!”


Sex Love & Relationship Coach

“ Creating my challenge was so much fun and fast! I also had a great start up conversation with Gelsey who took the time to demo the platform with me.

Jen Lara


“ For someone like me who isn't techy, this platform is really encouraging me to branch out. [...] Now I will shoot videos in a heartbeat, thanks to all the tips & tricks. I love the console which makes it easy to design my challenges.

Sara & Erin

Positive Leadership Educators

“ What works well at Obii? The great service, friendly, and knowledgable team!

Anthony Caputo

Actor & Founder of IAMHEAR

“ Obii has been vital in my success, right from day one the team has been extremely helpful and have always gone above and beyond my expectations!! I have never dealt with a company with such professionalism and drive to help me succeed.

Clara Charbonneau

Brand & Culture of HalfSerious

“ Our HalfSerious Onboarding Challenge for new employees is a big hit! We transformed the onboarding experience and made it participative and fun!

The Ultimate Platform for your Challenge.

Obii is your complete solution to design, build, launch, and sell your Challenge. Based in micro-learning, Obii Challenges are designed not for e-learning, but e-doing. Finally, an interactive and social experience for the modern learner. 

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