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ultimate platform for your Online Challenges?

We work with coaches to design and sell custom online challenges that are profitable, low maintenance & easy to set up.

(it’ll be like... 3 mins…)

Run your challenges with ease.

Create, package and sell your content online cosily. 

Deliver your expertise to eagersome fans

Your content is your greatest asset. And the world wants to learn from you. Take your business to the next level while focussing only on your material.

Go through effortless setup

Let the nerds handle the tech. Your store, your Coach Portal and your Challenge are being built automatically. Payments and email lists are run by our built-in tools providing you a hassle-free environment.

I was super freaked out by the amount of work creating a challenge but Obii made it ridiculously simple by providing the guidance, platform, payment, etc.

Lindsay Gee - lindsaygee.ca

Sell Challenges that convert

Launch your Challenge through your social media & mailing lists. Everything is set-up for you if you want to do coupons and promotions to help you engage your fans.

Be delighted by feedback and support tools

Throughout the Challenge, your participants and yourself can exchange via the integrated chat. You are also provided with a complete Dashboard (Coach Portal) where you can follow your groups' progression and participation. Tech concerns are processed by Zendesk.

Own your unique Challenge around health, wealth and relationships.

Growth for you

and your audience.

A challenge is a experience that delivers a specific outcome through a series of specific actions. Basically “do what I tell you for 3 weeks and you’ll get what you want”.

We have used Challenges to create all sorts  of outcomes

- Coping with anxiety

- Specialized Fitness (ex. fitness for pregnant women)

- Figuring yourself out

- Igniting your dreams

- Losing weight

But mostly we have helped our clients build better businesses.

This means you qualified to meet our challenge designer expert through a call. Discuss together your great idea and your expectations.

Discovery Call






What's the process?

You are invited to understand your audience. Attract ideal visitors and turn them into leads by using an online survey.

Market Research

Identify the best challenge to build based on the market research results. It might vary from your initial idea. Generate a strategy for your 21-Day or 28-Day Challenge.  Obii sets up the challenge framework.

Program Design

Create original text and inspiring video content for your challenge. Submit it into the App.

Content Production

Promote the Challenge on Social Media and through your mailing list, from this point on. Continuously build a list of potential participants.

Social Promote


Your Store Page is created automatically once your Challenge is reviewed and finalized. Participants can start subscribing.

Sales are open


YAY! You did it! Start managing the Challenge and keep participants engaged. Make check-ins through the chat and monitor the activities via the Dashboard.

Launch Time!

We are Challenge Experts.

We’ve created challenges on just about any topic. We have the right data, the tech and team to help turn your challenge idea into a business success.

"Best decision I have made for my business!"

"I wanted to send a quick note of gratitude to your team. They go above and beyond, never make me feel stupid and constantly support all of my last-minute and crazy ideas. I was delayed on a few things (stupid broken elbow) for the challenge just released today and I received nothing but support and confidence that we could get this done.
I am so grateful.
They've done an incredible job with my 21 & Done challenge and I cannot thank you and your team enough.
With respect and so much love,


#gamechanger #canyoutelli'mexcited!
We will deliver!
I have cc'd my team and board so they can sign up and give it a spin on their phones too. NB CFL Team - we still have a lot of work to do as Michael said. Go to the link, sign-up, download the app and voila!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

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Get to know Jen Lara's experience with us as well as her process, tips & advice.

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